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We would all love to have a personal assistant like J.A.R.V.I.S from the Iron Man Series, that gives appropriate and researched answers to all our queries. Lately, we’ve seen many such virtual assistants softwares out there, which seemed too immature and improper to us.

Virtual Assistant Apps

However, situations have changed and nowadays there are many virtual assistant apps and tools available to work within our Smartphones. For iOS devices there is Siri and for Windows Phone devices, the CORTANA voice assistant is rumored to show up with the Windows 8.1 update.

But, What for Android users?

Well, if you’re in search for similar virtual assistant apps for Android, today we’re here with a list of the top 5 virtual assistant apps for Android.

1. Google Now:

When it comes to Android, Google Now is the best option and is the closest competitor to Apple’s Siri as well.

Google Now was basically developed as a client that converts your voice into text inputs and then uses those inputs to search for in Google Search Engine. But later as the popularity of the service grew, they added some more features to make Google Now work like a personal voice navigated virtual assistant.

Google Now allows you to do basic tasks on your Smartphone through voice commands and also is the best available client for voice based Google searches.

2. Vlingo:

Vlingo is one of the best third party virtual assistant app available for Android users and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Vlingo users claim it to be the best virtual assistant client out there. Vlingo can do functions like phone dialing, navigation, open applications, send messages, search the internet, update status in Facebook, Twitter or even check into places using Foursquare.

3. Skyvi:

Skyvi is a very clever virtual assistant application and can be activated at any given instance by speaking out the keyword “Hello Skyvi”. The UI of this app is quite elegant and you’ll only need to spend a bit of time to learn how to use Skyvi.

Features of Skyvi also include the function to read out incoming SMS text messages, get directions and also allows you to update and access Facebook and Twitter as well.

4. Iris:

One of the oldest yet efficient virtual assistant app for Android. Iris does not only mock Siri by its name but also succeeds in providing some of the key features of Siri as well.

Iris can be activated upon pressing the designated key and will only take in voice commands. Features of Iris includes information as voice output on Missed calls, plays music upon command, gives  you information about the current date time and location, you can update status on Facebook and Twitter, or even tell your horoscope [seriously].

5. Easy Launcher:

One of the widely used virtual assistant apps for Android that lets you launch applications from your Android device upon voice commands and also lets you toggle ON or OFF options such as Bluetooth, Data etc.

Key features include the ability to directly search on Wikipedia, launch or uninstall apps or even search for keywords on Google Play Store.

Final Words:

That was a list of the top 5 virtual assistant apps for Android. If you’re aware of some other virtual assistant apps for Android out there that’s good enough, do share your suggestions as comments below.